CV-CL Section: Controls

The EN-CV-CL section is in charge of the control systems for the CV plants. The section also provides support to the CV group GMAO and software activities and to the project leaders for process related questions.

The CV plants are controlled by industrial control systems. The software is either developed by contractors or in collaboration with other CERN services or by the section members.
The section is responsible for the control systems requirements and for the control architecture definitions. The section handles the tests and commissioning phases.
Once the control systems are put in operation, the section provides their operators with the required support and maintains these control systems and their computing infrastructure.

The group GMAO relies on data stored in CERN central databases, the section provides support to users of these CV data. The section develops and maintains tools which implement solutions to ease the queries, the production of reports and the population of CV GMAO data. The section also support software packages used for vibrations analysis and chillers operation.

In the early phases of the projects, the section can provide support to project leaders to review the process design to verify that the regulations requirements can be meet.


A list with the phone numbers of CV-CL section members can be found in the CERN phonebook.

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